Past Projects

Global Charitable Resources is currently working with Hope of Life (Esperanza de Vida) in Guatemala.  Hope of Life is a foundation that provides many services to the people of Guatemala.  They have an orphanage, a senior citizen’s home, a baby rescue center, a school and are in the process of building a hospital.  They operate approximately 80 feeding centers throughout the country.  They work in villages by digging wells to provide clean drinking water, building houses, schools and churches and provide medical care.

We have provided funding for eye surgery for Zulma, a 7 year old girl with a life threatening eye disease.  We also provided funding to build and furnish a house for Sofia, a 105 year old woman and her granddaughter and 2 grandchildren.  Sofia had never slept on a bed before she received the keys to her new furnished house. Through donations, we were able to ship over one million dollars worth of new clothing and shoes.  We have received donations of medical equipment and supplies which will be shipped to Guatemala for use in the hospital at Hope of Life. 

Global Charitable Resources is also partnering with the Institute for Missions and Discipleship in the Philippines (IMDP).  We have provided funding to renovate the dormitories, built new bunk beds, provided technical and educational resources and additional personnel to work at the school.  We have partnered a prison ministry in the district prison which includes bringing clothing, food and supplies to the inmates.  Bible studies and theology classes are being offered to those who want to attend.

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